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Friday, 11 January 2013

 Earn Online

Ever thought of earning online but no success yet.... I`ll tell you why...!!!
Dear friends,
                   Today i am going to share some online money making ideas and my personal experiences with you. If you are reading this post means you have been searching for some online earning system or a technique that will earn you some bucks. You might have as well tried some methods but they failed.....Why..??
  Many people fail making some money online because of a simple reason. They consider online money making a part time job (yes it is). But this very thought just kills our will to work hard towards our goal. Also people want some ready made scheme which will make them rich overnight. Well, let me put this way
  1. There is no shortcut for online earning. You`ll have to work hard initially.
  2. If you have any doubt, go to point number 1.
Now i am going to share some online earning tips with you but remember there are no shortcuts. Whichever method you chose you`ll have to work hard. At least initial few weeks or even months to get going.

note: for online money transactions you need a paypal or a payza account. Its free to create one. Click here for paypal account
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  1. Earning with zero investment
In these techniques you need no initial investment. Everything's for free. But that means lower outputs....!!!
  •  First and the most obvious method is making your own blog with blogger....      Go to and create your free account. Create your blog. Attract traffic and and earn through the ads. You can  chose Google adsense. Don`t be in a hurry. Just sit down and think. What are your hobbies. What are you good at. Blog is all about writing  skills combined with some visuals (videos and images) to support your ideas. To make it informative you need some good quality content. (and please do not copy paste, ever heard of Google panda. No?). I`ll talk about blogger in my next post.
  • Other methods include earning through viewing adds, surveys etc. Below are few legit websites you should visit. But again you cant expect to be millionaire overnight. But with these sites you can earn good enough if work an hour or two on the internet.

    Ipanelonline - Complete surveys and earn in INR click here2. Linkbucks - A url shortening site that lets you create add campaigns click here
    3. Cashcrate - this is the best one. Create free account and earn 1$ instantly when  you confirm your email. click here
    4. Bizoppers - social networking that earns you money. Dont waste your time on Facebook now. click here
    5. Donkey mails - Ads ads and ads. View ads and earn. simple. click here
   2. Earning with initial investment

Yes, if you want to earn big bucks online you need initial investment. You need to buy a .com, .in or .org domain. The domain provided by blogger is actually a sub-domain or child domain with .blogspot as the parent domain. But if you want to start off with your website with your chosen domain you need to buy one. Very cheap domain is provided by you can buy a .com domain. You can get a  .in domain even cheaper. click here for cheap domains
              Next step is to buy a hosting. Don`t know what hosting is?? Something that`ll draw cash from your wallet (lol). Its not actually buying a hosting. Its rented. You are provided with a server that stores your websites files. Its actualy a database that stores your files and keeps your site running and alive. Can i host from home?? Yes you can if you can afford a powerful CPU with blazing net speed and loads of security tools.
That means you cant. So better go for a cheap hosting plan. There are many.Chose according to your needs.
But I would suggest going for free hosting initially. Yes, a free hosting that doesn`t allow ads on your site but is rich in features. A site builder, various templates, auto installer with options like wordpress, joomla, drupal,jcow and many more.
Why free hosting?? Free hosting gives you an initial platform to build and promote your website. When your site is famous and is getting good enough traffic you can switch to paid here for free hosting
You might as well be interested in some home based here
The next step is to promote your website which i`ll discuss in my next post along with few blogger tips. Till then....


Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to Block a website Permanently

             hey friends, Today`s trick is about blocking a site so that no browser in your computer will be able top open the site you want to block.....

Follow these simple step==>

  • Open blank notepad. Right click on notepad and click on run as administrator.
  • Now from file choose open.
  • go to specified path.....C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • a dialogue box will open. now select all files option. and double click on hosts file.
  • the file will open in notepad.
  • now add following lines at the end.   for eg. if you want to block facebook then type
  • Now save the file.

    This is the hardware method of blocking the matter which browser you are using facebook will never connect.....also all cookies connecting to facebook will be disabled....

    You can block multiple sites....just edit the hosts file by adding sitenames......simple...

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hello Friends,
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